There's no doubt about it; applying mascara several times every day can be a time-consuming hassle.  This is especially true during the summer holidays when you're in and out of the pool.  Eyelash tinting can provide a perfect solution to this problem.  Here's a chemical-free method you might like to try.

What you'll need

  • petroleum jelly
  • gauze pads
  • henna powder
  • water
  • a clean mascara wand

How to do it

  1. First of all you'll need to make up the tinting mix.  To do this, combine a small quantity of cold water with henna powder to form a stiff paste.  It's important not to have the mixture too thin or it will just drip when you try to apply it.  
  2. Now you need to make sure that your lashes are free from any old mascara or makeup remover product residue.  To do this, use remover to get rid of the mascara and leftover makeup, and then use a damp cloth to gently wipe the remover away.  
  3. Now apply a light layer of petroleum jelly around your eyes.  This will prevent any stray drips of tint from coming into contact with your skin and staining it.  
  4. Take a clean mascara wand and roll it in the tint until all the bristles are fully and evenly coated.  Apply the tint to your lashes, starting with the bottom ones.  The tips of the lashes are usually the lightest in shade, so be sure to dot them thoroughly.  
  5. Now apply the tint to your upper lashes just as you would when putting on mascara, making sure that you don't miss the ones at the very corners of your eyes.  
  6. Allow the tint to 'work' for ten minutes or so.  
  7. Now use wet gauze pads to remove the tint from the lashes.  You'll probably need to repeat this process a few times to get rid of all the bits of loose tint.  
  8. Finish off by wiping away the petroleum jelly from around your eyes.

In conclusion

If you want to save yourself the hassle of continually reapplying your mascara this summer, but don't fancy using chemical dyes on your lashes, this DIY henna eyelash tint will last for about six weeks, when you'll need to renew it.  Many salons and spas now offer henna tinting for eyelashes as an alternative to dyes, so if you would prefer an experienced beautician to carry out the procedure, as well as eyebrow tinting, it may be a good idea to enquire.