If you want to get bronzed when the sun is overcast by clouds and you don't have any holidays coming up, going with a fake tan is perfect. However, you should stop and think twice before you reach for a bottle of fake tan. Instead, why not go to a beauty salon to have yourself spray tanned?

Here are just four reasons why you should.

1. Effective Coverage

When you go for a spray tan, you're in the hands of a professional. The team at your beauty salon will spray tan all the time, so they'll be able to provide effective coverage across your whole body. Keep in mind that the best fake tan is the one that looks completely real. That's often hard to accomplish when you're working from the bottle since it can be very hard to reach every part of your body and provide a natural appearance. Instead of taking the risk of having an uneven tan, go to your local spray tan service or beauty salon.

2. Zero Streaking

If there's one thing that people fear when applying fake tan from a bottle, it's making unsightly streak marks. Nothing marks out a bad fake tan job more obviously than streaks; unfortunately, they can be pretty hard to avoid since you naturally make streaking movements when you're applying it. Luckily, spray tanning represents a better alternative. The fine mist will cover your whole body evenly and ensure that you don't suffer from any streak marks.

3. Expert Sculpting

A professional will be able to provide better coverage and zero streaking thanks to their knowledge and equipment, but that isn't all that they can offer. Someone experienced with a spray tan gun will be able to work with the contours of your body, applying the tan perfectly to make the most of your figure. If you want to enhance your cleavage or bring out your six pack abs, a professional will be able to use spray tan to achieve such an effect.

4. Convenient Application

Finally, having a spray tan applied is just more luxurious and convenient than using bottled fake tan. When you go with the bottle, you have to bend over and around to reach certain places, spending ages trying to get those tricky spots. However, spray tans are easy. All you do is stand there and let the spray tan technician work their magic. It will be over faster and with far less stressful stretching.

Talk with different beauty salons about their tanning options to figure out how you can look your best.