If you are considering treating yourself to a spa treatment, the first thing you consider may be a having a massage or receiving a facial. However, while these are very popular treatments, they are not the only ones on offer at your local spa. Below is a guide to 3 other great treatments which are available at a spa which will help you to treat yourself in a special way.

Make Your Body Feel Better

Body treatments are designed to relax and improve your whole body. Popular body treatments include aqua therapy which involves performing a number of different exercises while submerged in water. The resistance of the water will help to massage and stretch your muscles, relieving tension and leaving your feeling relaxed. Other body treatments include the body polish and the body wrap. A body polish is an intensive massage which uses a range of exfoliating products which help to lift dead skin cells from your body. After a body polish, your skin will feel smooth, and you will feel relaxed. A body wrap will involve covering your body in clay which will help to absorb toxins from your skin.

Improve the Look of Your Nails

In the past, many people would visit their local nail bar when they wanted their nails painted or trimmed. However, in recent years, a range of more advanced treatments such as cuticle exfoliation and hot stone massage have appeared on the market. These more advanced treatments are typically only available at spas. Nail treatments can be easily included in a pampering package at your local spa and will help you to feel the best that you can feel.

Remove Unnecessary Hair

Having unwanted hair on your body can really damage your self-esteem. A visit to your local spa can be the ideal time to deal with any unnecessary hair. The spa will offer a range of hair removal options from traditional waxing, in which warm wax strips are applied to the affected area before being quickly removed to laser hair removal. Laser hair removal is more expensive than traditional waxing, but it does have a range of benefits. Laser removal is faster, less painful and will also prevent hair from regrowing which means you don't have to worry about booking another appointment anytime soon.

If you would like to find out more about treatments which can improve your body, you should contact your local spa.