When the stresses of daily living start to affect your mood and overall well-being, you may be contemplating going away for a while. However, while many people would love to take a vacation, not many have the luxury to get off work for several weeks and spend their days lackadaisically at a beach resort. Nonetheless, it should be noted that a break is critical for your overall health, particularly with a rise in stress-related disorders such as high blood pressure.

A more economical alternative that you could consider to a holiday is going to a day spa. These facilities not only promote wellness, but they also provide a great opportunity to simply unplug from your life and rejuvenate your body. If you decide to book an appointment at a day spa, consider indulging in the following body treatments to maximise your rest and relaxation.

A massage

The great thing about day spas is that they do not merely offer a conventional massage. Instead, there is an assortment of therapies that you could choose. Whether you suffer from incredibly tense muscles and require a deep-tissue massage or would prefer something more relaxing in the form of a hot stone massage, you are assured of finding a treatment that will provide you with the relaxation that you desperately require.

A body scrub

Once your body feels limber from your massage, you should then consider a body scrub. As the name suggests, this treatment entails full-body exfoliation using a variety of mediums. Sugar body scrubs are a popular choice that people opt for, but you can also experiment with other substances—for example, coffee body scrubs or even a salt scrub. The body scrub helps to eliminate all the dead skin cells on your body, revealing supple skin and giving you a fresh glow.

A body wrap

After having your body scrubbed, you may want it moisturised to make your skin feel velvety smooth. The best treatment for this is a body wrap. A standard body wrap entails covering your entire body with a cleansing agent and then being encased in hot towels for maximum moisturisation. One of the best compounds you could choose for your body wrap is seaweed, as it is renowned for its healing properties. If you are feeling adventurous, you may want to consider something such as algae. A bonus of body wraps is that the steam opens up your pores to facilitate the absorption toxins out of your body.