Manicures are commonly mentioned when you hear about nail salon services. The truth is that many people go for a full set of acrylic nails and may skip over the natural nail manicure. If you are someone who does this, but you are trying to grow your nails and strengthen them, then a manicure may be a good idea. Here are a few things to expect during your first manicure and what you should know about each step.

Nail Cleaning

One of the first steps to a manicure is to have a proper nail cleaning. This cleaning may consist of soaking your nails to help soften the cuticles and to remove any surface dirt of debris. The debris is removed from both the top and the bottom of the nails to include underneath the nails. This is a step in the process that will use soap, warm water and an orange stick. The orange stick is used to remove dirt and debris from under the nails and to push back the cuticles. 


One of the services you may be offered is a scrub. This is to exfoliate the dead skin cells and dry cells from your hands, especially around the nail beds. The scrubs can range from organic food-based options to chemical options. The type of scrub you choose will depend greatly on the needs you have. If your skin is dry, you may want a scrub that has a moisturising option such as coconut oil bases. If you are trying to strengthen your nails, then you may want some collagen or gelatin. Your technician can also suggest a specific house scrub that is only used by their salon.

Cuticle and Nail Care

Once you have had your nails cleaned and any treatments performed, such as scrubs and soaks, it will be time to trim and touch up the nail. This part of the manicure will consist of the technician trimming and moving back your cuticles to prevent nail damage, weakness and bacteria growth. They will also trim the nails to the length you desire and file them to appear the shape you would like. You can also have polish or a clear coat put on the nail at this time to protect it. If you want a French manicure, now is the point when the French coloring and tips would be applied. 

When you are ready for your manicure, contact your local nail salon. They can tell you about their services. They can also tell you what manicure options may be best for your particular nail health and needs. If you want to continue a nail care treatment plan, the nail technician can help with that as well. They can also offer products that may help with your nails between manicures.