Everyone loves having a relaxing massage after a long day at work. It is the best way to remove knots and fatigue from the muscles and to help you sleep. However, a relaxation massage only offers you muscle relaxing benefits. You should consider a remedial massage if you have been experiencing any muscle pain that doesn't go away and gets worse with time.

A remedial massage is different from a regular massage session because it involves muscle assessment, joint and bone alignment and deep massage to relieve tension and pain. Here are the three major reasons why you should get remedial massage often.

It Targets Specific Affected Areas

A remedial massage helps you heal. It often targets the affected muscles, joints, ligaments and bones. For example, if you have been suffering from chronic neck pain that has defied painkillers, remedial massage could help isolate the damaged muscles and treat them. Typically, injuries to the levator scapulae muscle in the neck leads to stiffness and pain when you try to turn your neck. A regular massage session can't help heal such injuries, and that's why it's advisable to go for remedial massage.

During the remedial massage, the therapist will isolate the injured muscles and use deep massage to stimulate healing and minimize inflammation. You will experience lasting pain relief after the massage.

It Improves Your Immunity 

Muscle pain leads to excessive production of stress hormones such as cortisol. When you have an overload of stress hormones in your bloodstream, your body's ability to produce antigens is impaired. The chain reaction is why stressed people take longer to heal from injuries and diseases. 

Remedial massage relieves your muscle pain. It lowers the levels of stress hormones in your blood. Consequently, your body regains its ability to produce antigens and protect itself from sickness. 

It Boosts Your Mobility

When your muscles, ligaments and tendons are injured, you feel a lot of pain when moving, lifting something or turning. This hinders your mobility because your instinct is to avoid pain. For example, if you are a tennis or badminton player, it is common to develop a tennis elbow. The repetitive stress injury hinders your arm movement. Remedial massage stimulates muscle healing, which eventually improves your range of motion. It also helps you enhance performance in most sporting activities. 

You will experience these benefits of remedial massage when you hire a masseuse for the service. When you visit a spa for professional remedial massage, you will heal muscle damage, reduce inflammation and recover from chronic pain.