Massage therapies are a great way to relieve tension from the body's musculoskeletal system through various manipulation techniques on the body's soft tissue. However, massage therapies vary and have unique advantages. Most people think that massage therapy is a one-size-fits-all treatment, but nothing could be further from the truth. Remedial massage therapy is just one type considered the fastest-growing field in health care. However, remedial massage therapy is unique to other types, such as therapeutic massage and deep tissue massage. This write-up provides insights into the unique properties of remedial massage. 

Tackles Cause, Not Symptoms — Most people go for massage therapy because they feel tired or experience a stubborn migraine. Notably, therapeutic massage therapy is arguably the best option for such cases because it deals with symptoms alone. However, when addressing the root cause of a problem, no other therapy rivals remedial massage. As its name suggests, remedial massage restores the body's soft tissue problem by targeting the root cause. For instance, if you suffer from a frozen shoulder with a painful and limited range of motion, remedial massage can help. The reason is that remedial massage targets the tense and tight tissues and gradually smoothens possible scarring. Over time, your frozen shoulder will begin to improve its range of motion, and the pain will eventually subside.

Personalised Sessions — Most beauty spas have 30-minute, one-hour, and two-hour sessions on their menu of services. It is standard for every walk-in client, and any extra minutes are charged accordingly. In remedial massage therapy, a therapist customises sessions based on a client's current condition. Therefore, when you make an appointment with a remedial massage therapist, they will first assess your body to understand the imbalances and weaknesses of your musculoskeletal system. Once a therapist has the holistic picture, they will personalise your sessions concerning length and intensity. Such customisation makes remedial massage the best therapy for serious tissue injuries.

Strong Scientific Background — No other type of massage has found its way into scientific research papers more than remedial massage therapy. It is because remedial massage is all about recovery, not relaxation. It means that remedial massage therapists undergo extensive training compared to their counterparts studying other types of massages. The prolonged training allows massage therapists to understand the body's anatomy and pathophysiology better and target problem areas. For instance, remedial massage promotes lymphatic fluid movement; therefore, massage therapists must understand the lymphatic system in relation to soft tissue manipulation.

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